Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations is committed to establishing and maintaining an effective relationship between the university and its alumni, and providing a vigorous body for sustaining and promoting the growth, development and welfare of the university.

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Our Mission

The Office of Alumni Relations is dedicated to supporting Loyola University New Orleans through programs, benefits, services, and communications designed, developed, and implemented to create and enhance lasting and mutually beneficial relationships between the University and members of its Alumni Association.

Guided by the Jesuit principles of being men and women with and for others, the Loyola University New Orleans Alumni Association is organized to

  • Serve alumni
  • Promote a spirit of cooperation and fellowship among alumni
  • Encourage the development of lifelong relationships between alumni and the university
  • Foster philanthropic loyalty and support for the university

Membership is open and free to all Loyola graduates, parents, and friends of the University.

Code of Ethics

Alumni Relations is committed to ethical practice in all professional activities and decisions and adheres to the provisions set forth in: