Integritas Vitae Award

The university’s annual Integritas Vitae Award is presented to a local, national, or world leader who has demonstrated the values and philosophy of a Jesuit education – namely moral character, service to others, and unquestionable integrity.

The Integritas Vitae Award is distinctive as Loyola’s recognition of an individual of outstanding character from any walk of life -- with an enhanced focus on a person whose impact is pervasive and whose character should be subject to emulation by students, alumni, and the community.


2014 Award Recipient - Maria Ribando Burmaster, D.D.S.

Local dentist honored for her devotion to those in need

Loyola University New Orleans will honor a local dentist, and the driving force behind a massive, one-day New Orleans charity dental clinic, with its highest honor. A 1988 Loyola graduate, Maria Ribando Burmaster, D.D.S., showed her commitment to Loyola’s Jesuit tradition of living her life with and for others during Loyola’s national day of service, Wolves on the Prowl, which helped make possible last year’s American Dental Association’s Mission of Mercy charity dental clinic. Her dedication to the community and to the teachings of the Catholic Church are just some of the reasons she is the 2014 recipient of Loyola’s Integritas Vitae Award.

Loyola will recognize Burmaster at the 1912 Society Dinner Thursday, Dec. 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the Roosevelt New Orleans. Tickets for the event are available at The Rev. James C. Carter, S.J., president emeritus of Loyola, is the featured speaker.

The Integritas Vitae Award is presented annually to an individual who exemplifies the qualities Loyola seeks to instill in its students, such as high moral character and a commitment to selfless service done without expecting rewards or public recognition. The award also recognizes honesty, integrity, justice and the preservation of human dignity.

Burmaster credits strong family ties to Loyola as inspiration for leading a spiritually rewarding life. Her parents, her two siblings, as well as her husband, the Honorable Barron C. Burmaster ’86, J.D. ’89, are Loyola graduates. The Burmasters' son John is currently enrolled in the College of Law.

“I am very honored about getting this award. I hope to be worthy of it one day. My parents sent me to Catholic schools and taught me what is most important—salvation through Jesus Christ. When you love Jesus, you also love his Church. So being a Catholic is one of my greatest joys,” Burmaster said.

Burmaster runs her own dental practice, Barataria Dental, along with her sister Valerie Ribando Hemphill, D.D.S. She is highly involved with her local community and parish where she volunteers her time to Donated Dental Services, a national humanitarian program that provides free dental treatment to the elderly and people with disabilities.

During last November’s Wolves on the Prowl event, Burmaster and 200 Loyola students and alumni helped transform Mardi Gras World into a massive pop-up dental clinic. Loyola volunteers worked with the American Dental Association’s Mission of Mercy to help set up the one-day clinic. Nearly 1,000 patients were able to take part in the free clinic.

“When I sent an email to all of the local universities asking them to promote our event to volunteers, Loyola was the first group to respond. I was very proud to say my alma mater stepped up to be an integral part of the first Mission of Mercy in Louisiana. The Wolves on the Prowl showed up in a big way,” Burmaster said.

Burmaster earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from Loyola before getting her doctorate of dental surgery from Louisiana State University in 1993. She has been a member of the New Orleans Dental Association, the Louisiana Dental Association and the American Dental Association since 1993.

Past recipients of the Integritas Vitae Award include:

2013 Phyllis M. Taylor
2012 Sr. Imelda Moriarty C.C.V.I.
2011 Theodore A. Quant
2010 Frank A. France ’49, M.Ed. ’56
2009 Tom Benson, H’87
2008 The Hon. Pascal F. Calogero, Jr., J.D.'54, H'91
2007 Thomas H. ’52 and Catherine B. Kloor
2006 Donna Fraiche, J.D. ’75
2005 No award due to Hurricane Katrina
2004 Alvaro B. Alcazar, M.R.E. ’84
2003 Dr. Donald C. Faust ’73
2002 The Hon. Corinne Lindy Claiborne Boggs*, H’77
2001 The Hon. Moon Landrieu ’52, J.D. ’54, H’79, H’05
2000 Rita T. Odenheimer
1999 Phil Johnson* ’50
1998 P.R. “Sunny” Norman*
1997 Dr. Ronald W. Busuttil ’67
1996 Frank B. Stewart, Jr., and Elizabeth Lauricella
1995 No award
1994 Adelaide W. Benjamin, H’08
1993 John F. Bricker*, H’95
1992 Rosa F. Keller*, H’84
1991 Frank G. Purvis, Jr.
1990 Dr. Jack A. Andonie ’58
1989 Robert L. Howard
1988 James R. Moffett
1987 Bishop Roger P. Morin
1986 Dr. Norman C. Francis, J.D. ’55, H’82
1985 Sr. Anthony Barczykowski, D.C.
1984 Mother Theresa of Calcutta* H'84, and Verna S. Landrieu ’54, H’05
1983 Martin O. Miller
1982 Francis C. Doyle*, J.D. ’44, H’88
1981 Alden J. Laborde*, H’96
1980 Margaret E. Lauer* ’35, H’67
1979 Sr. Mary David Stier*, O.P.
1978 Dr. Alton Ochsner*
1977 Archbishop Philip M. Hannan*, H’66